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Preventive Maintenance & Repair Services

Medygate follows all health organization regulatory agencies requirements. This include s but not limited to The Joint Commission, NFP99, Department Health Services, CAP, and other agencies

Preventive Maintenance/Safety Testing
  1.  Following the evaluation for program inclusion, and a documented incoming inspection, the planned maintenance service schedule will be established based on the service frequency determined through risk-based criteria. This will be congruent with other items found within the particular department. Equipment Alarms parameters are tested during the incoming inspections and on scheduled preventive maintenance time thereafter
  2.  All data particular to the new equipment item will then be entered in the software database for the facility.
  3.  The service procedures will be examined to verify that an appropriate procedure exists, and if not a new procedure will be created based on the manufacturers recommended service and nationally recognized safety standards.
  4.  Biomedical Department assists facility to document performance testing of all sterilizers used.
  5.  Biomedical Department assists the hospital in documenting chemical and biological testing of water used in renal dialysis

Repair of Biomedical/Clinical Technology Equipment

Equipment Repair
  1. Should repair service be required the hospital staff will attach an appropriate “OUT OF SERVICE” tag to the item, and contact the Biomedical Department to acquire service. Should the item require service by someone other than the in-house staff, the appropriate calls will be made through Biomedical, and the disposition of the call will be communicated immediately to the Clinical Staff so that appropriate plans can be made to ensure continuity of patient care.
  2. Should the failed item be considered essential to the continuation of care (ventilator, balloon pump, defibrillator, etc.) the biomedical staff will provide all available information to the Clinical Staff to aid in procurement of a suitable replacement.
  3. Schedule vendor repairs and collection of vendor repair documentation

Also, Medygate assist facilities with PM’s on Patient Beds, Electrical Outlet tension and polarity tests, and patient scales- calibrations

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