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Medical Equipment Maintenance Program


Medygate Inc. offers comprehensive Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Program with a solid grounding in Clinical Technology science, application and implementation of it. This program includes the following:

  1. Reduction in equipment downtime and increase the access to appropriate medical devices by having an efficient medical equipment maintenance program 
  2. Plan Maintenance and efficient corrective maintenance programs
  3. Accurate medical equipment inventory
  4. Creation of policy framework for the program, operations, and health technology
  5. clinical/health/Biomedical technology assessment and management
  6. Compliancy with Health technology regulatory agencies requirements
  7. Medical devices needs assessment s and procurement of new technology
  8. Computerized maintenance management systems
  9. Documentation collection on all PMs, repairs and outside vendor maintenance activities
  10. A systematic approach on Incoming inspection, electrical safety performance, documentation collection on all rental, non-hospital own, doctor own, and patient own medical equipment
  11. Preventive Maintenance on Patient Beds
  12. Polarity and tension test on electrical outlets
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